You’ve got your computer, tablet and smartphone—but sometimes, it’s those little “extras” that make all the difference.

Here are 10 tech accessories that can make your workday easier.

1. Tablet or smartphone kickstand

Want to give a client or prospect a quick presentation on the go? Perhaps you’re trying to watch a how-to video on your phone while taking notes. A tablet or smartphone case with a “kickstand” to prop the device up for viewing means you don’t have to crane your neck over a table or hold the device up for viewing.

2. Portable scanner

Lightweight, portable scanners save space and work great for small offices. You can pass one around from desk to desk for convenient scanning instead of having to get up and go to the scanner. They’re also ideal to take along if you or your employees travel on business frequently. Today’s portable scanners can run on battery power, send documents wirelessly to the cloud and more.

3. Headset

Handle phone calls without headaches by investing in a headset. Depending on your needs, office environment and preferences, you may want earbud-type headsets, Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets that sit on your ear, or over-the-ear headphones. You can also get headsets that work with your computer for VoIP calls.

4. Tablet keyboard

If you frequently use your tablet for typing, you know the on-screen keypad can slow you down. Consider investing in a real keyboard that works with your tablet for greater comfort and speed. You can find both Bluetooth-enabled wireless and wired models.

5. Multiple chargers

It’s a smart idea to have multiple chargers for all of your devices in all the places you may need them. Keep one set at home, one at the office, one in your car and even one in your luggage so you’ll never head off on a business trip without the chargers you need.

6. Flash drives

Flash drives are still useful ways to store data, share data or back up files if your cloud storage or backup provider is temporarily unavailable—say, if you’re working offline or somewhere without good Internet access or a secure wireless connection. It doesn’t hurt to have a few on hand in the office and when you travel.

7. Backup battery power

We’ve all had the experience of running low on battery life right before a crucial presentation or meeting. Eliminate that worry with backup battery power. High-capacity backup packs can charge both a phone and a tablet; if you only need to charge your phone, you can find lower-capacity backup batteries small enough to fit on a keychain or stuff in your pocket. Or, consider a smartphone case with a backup battery built in.

8. Travel router

Using free Wi-Fi hotspots outside the office expose your business data to risk. Hotels often charge a fee for each device that accesses their Wi-Fi, so you pay for your tablet, laptop and phone. Save money and stay secure by bringing your own travel router along. Travel routers provide a secure, private wireless network for multiple devices on the go. Look for one that can work on battery power, so you’re not chained to the nearest power outlet.

9. Smartphone car mount

Search online to find affordable car mounts that affix to your car dashboard to hold your smartphone for easy viewing. You’ll have the onscreen map directly in front of you while driving, and can use the phone’s GPS feature without taking both hands off the wheel.

10. Portable projector

If you or your employees give lots of presentations on the road, make an impression with a lightweight, portable projector. Today’s portables are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—some are as small as smartphones. Many run on battery power and run displays off USB drives or SD cards so you don’t need a laptop to put on a show.  

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